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Eyes closed
No breath of notes
No words left to say
No tongue to articulate
I rest
Feet up
A ghost drifting
Between this world and that
In abstract
I find form
Given birth again
By foreign tongue
History written
Cannot be undone
Has fate allowed for me
To be read aloud
I am consumed
Nothing left
But for what the reader’s digest
A Bible
And blessed be the word
(of Truth)
A Truth
Which cannot be undressed
As words themselves shiver
When used under duress
Speeches given
To deceive
By nimble and agile tongue
Will be undone
And fall foul of their own corruption
When exposed in the light
of the Sun


All My Love

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 in Poetry
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Steamy Heart

I winced once when I thought I was alone,
But the sparkle in your eyes winked back at me,
To let me know,
The truth,
As I bathed in the warm glow
Radiating from your smile,
This heavenly Earth Child,
Is she mine to hold?
To cherish for ever and above no other.
In truth,
She worships me,
And I must fight and work
Harder than anything
To be worthy of her love,
Her heart,
The start of my redemption
And my final resting place,
May we age peacefully
And with grace.