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Eyes closed
No breath of notes
No words left to say
No tongue to articulate
I rest
Feet up
A ghost drifting
Between this world and that
In abstract
I find form
Given birth again
By foreign tongue
History written
Cannot be undone
Has fate allowed for me
To be read aloud
I am consumed
Nothing left
But for what the reader’s digest
A Bible
And blessed be the word
(of Truth)
A Truth
Which cannot be undressed
As words themselves shiver
When used under duress
Speeches given
To deceive
By nimble and agile tongue
Will be undone
And fall foul of their own corruption
When exposed in the light
of the Sun


Rise, Fall
Rise, Fall
Heels Down
On the Ball
Legs Pumping
Up and Down
Pedals Going
Round and Round
Joints and Muscles
Working Together
Do not Care
About the Weather
In Morning Air
They Start to Steam
On this Hybrid
Human Machine
Now 5 Miles Out
They Start to Sing
Sitting On This
Wonderous Thing
With Pure Intention
2 Wheeled Invention
Out From Home
Then Back Again
Thinking Only
Of the Gain
Then Trying to Walk
On Legs of Jelly
Soaked in Sweat
And Slightly Smelly
Hot Shower and Soap
With Rest to Follow
The Same Again
Or More

© 2013 Christopher Leaper

I wrote this poem in support of my participation in this years London Nightrider event which I am doing on behalf of the UK charity Mind (a charity for Mental Health).

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.: Some love for Shudders :.

That lustful, beckoning call
That easy trip and fall
Rushing forward to meet the eternal river
Arms outstretched ready to embrace it with love
Fall upwards my dear
And as you hit the surface
You break through in to clear, bright, clean air
Your feet landing softly on warm, green grass
By the riverside of a beautiful meadow
The sunshine bright and strong but not over-bearing
In the distance the sound of children laughing, playing
And you know
That you could just lay down
Right hear in the sunny meadow
And doze for hours
In total, peaceful comfort.
No thoughts or worries to realize
Just that inner happiness that feels
Like every cell in your body
Is hugging
Every other cell in your body.
Turn even bad thoughts in to love
And float
Soul with body
Above it all
And breathe deep
Breath easy
Be free

.: A thought on Flowers by the Sea? :.

Your words are nourishment
As are the water and sunlight to the flower
The picture equally so
Raises hopes
Although we consume beauty
We do not devour
We treasure this
As a gift
With thanks
As you give off

People speak
of “Falling” in Love
And some may say
Love hurts
But does anyone
Ever really
Connect these dots?

About Falling
I have heard it said
“It’s not the fall which kills you
But the sudden stop at the end”

We live life
By our chemical impulses
And it seems
That most of us
Are thrill seekers
At best

Adrenaline Junkies
With an appetite for
The ups and downs
Of the Roller-coasters
That are our lives

We climb
At first
To ever greater heights
We climb

That is until
We meet someone
Perhaps someone special
Then we jump
Or simply let go
It seems to me
Just for the thrill
And as we fall
We feel
That sense of weightlessness
That giddy unsettling
Of our stomachs

Holding on
To each other
Wind rushing past
At deafening speed
We enjoy it!
This guilty thrill
That is at least until
We hit the ground
And perhaps
Break our hearts
(But they will heal)

Sometimes we land
More softly
Perhaps after
Some controlled deceleration
Due to inherent cautiousness
Or just
An acute awareness that
Our time together
Was coming to an end

Either way
We have that sobering moment
Coming down from
Our bleary eyed
Love drunk stupor
When the ‘ride’ is over
And we must disembark

A kind of sad emptiness
Takes a hold
To rebuke this
We re-double ourselves
And set our efforts
To climb again

Some perhaps
Already casting their eyes around
Looking for
The next ‘Roller-coaster ride’
They wish to experience
The next BIG thrill
How far will we climb this time?
How far and how fast will we fall?
And this is called
“Playing the Game”

We are nothing more
Than children
In the biggest
Most amazing
And wonderful
Theme park
Of them all
I can’t help but ask myself
Is this addiction healthy?

As if
Like clinically depressed
Indestructible Lemmings
We climb
And jump
And jump

The boredom of this repetition
For some
Driving us to “experiment”
Go higher
Go faster
Do flips
And do stunts

But in truth
None of what
We experience
In this fashion
Is truly

Our lives have become
A series of cheap thrills
With too many spills
And quite frankly
I wont stand for it

I don’t want to
Fall in Love
I want to stand
For Love

To climb for Love
To always aspire
To Love
Looking up
And carry love with me
To ever greater heights

Don’t jump
I wont catch you
But climb
With me
If you’d like

I promise that
We will rest
And look out
From our heights
To appreciate the views
And all the pretty lights

Yes climb
On your own path
And under
Your own steam
But next to me
If you choose
My hand is here
If you need