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.: Some love for Shudders :.

That lustful, beckoning call
That easy trip and fall
Rushing forward to meet the eternal river
Arms outstretched ready to embrace it with love
Fall upwards my dear
And as you hit the surface
You break through in to clear, bright, clean air
Your feet landing softly on warm, green grass
By the riverside of a beautiful meadow
The sunshine bright and strong but not over-bearing
In the distance the sound of children laughing, playing
And you know
That you could just lay down
Right hear in the sunny meadow
And doze for hours
In total, peaceful comfort.
No thoughts or worries to realize
Just that inner happiness that feels
Like every cell in your body
Is hugging
Every other cell in your body.
Turn even bad thoughts in to love
And float
Soul with body
Above it all
And breathe deep
Breath easy
Be free


This is a response to and/or thoughts provoked by huascarmedina in his recent poem If Only My Hands Were Free.

I think many of us struggle to silence the world so that we can find peace, or at least to quiet it enough that we may hear ourselves think. Other people it seems are quite capable of living while all of the worldly noise constantly surrounds them. I wonder if they are truly themselves or just echoes and reverberations of other lives going on around them, and as the sound waves from these lives crash and wash over them maybe they are swept out to sea, some perhaps drown in it.

We must steady ourselves against the tides of other people’s lives as they rip and pull at us, moods rising and falling with every ebb and flow. We must know when to stand fast and strong, and when (the going is in our favour) to strike out for the shoreline. Find our feet on dry land again and bask in the warmth of the sun, yet many never leave the sea-front and soon find themselves back in the water again. Are we playing and having fun? Or is there some darkness lying in wait for us, out there in the deep? Pulling at us with it’s thoughts, longing to hold us tight in it’s cold embrace and make our homes a watery grave.

I much prefer the good solid rock of a sturdy mountain beneath my feet (like a Goat), or the vast open expanse of grassy plains and sun-baked Savannah (like a Lion), or perhaps even the tree tops of a great forest or jungle (like an Eagle). All of which provide beautiful vistas so that I may see the world far and wide, 360°. Yet with my eyes closed I can smell the sea again, drawing nearer in this ever changing landscape, it is time to move on.