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Eyes closed
No breath of notes
No words left to say
No tongue to articulate
I rest
Feet up
A ghost drifting
Between this world and that
In abstract
I find form
Given birth again
By foreign tongue
History written
Cannot be undone
Has fate allowed for me
To be read aloud
I am consumed
Nothing left
But for what the reader’s digest
A Bible
And blessed be the word
(of Truth)
A Truth
Which cannot be undressed
As words themselves shiver
When used under duress
Speeches given
To deceive
By nimble and agile tongue
Will be undone
And fall foul of their own corruption
When exposed in the light
of the Sun


Night Light

Posted: 9 Mar 2013 in Poetry
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Sunshine and beauty is what you are
Radiant and elegant, full of loving care
Your words inspire, as your soul sings
You’re light, I desire you in my dreams
You protect with strength
Yet kindness, gentle
(You must think I’m completely mental)
I know not what the future holds
But with opportunity I’d be so bold
As to hold you closely in my arms
Your soul as soothing as a balm
Your skin as soft as I’d ever known
My night with daylight overthrown

Human Cocoon

The final solution in full effect
Suppressed within our intellects
The puppeteers pull their string
And make us do inhumane things

The words ring out fall on deaf ears
To secretly control our fears
We see and hear their every command
Obeyed as if our minds were blank

Why do we hate the light so much?
Because it shows up the darkest parts of us
So we kill the lights and make pretend
That we did not cause our World to end

The spiders that now crawl us all
As we fight for our very souls
The reason why our Gods shed tears
They’ve been ignored for all these years