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Well I honestly have no recollection of if I did any training over the weekend, I’d like to think I did….maybe a jog and some of my “work-out” but…my memory is blank, so…

What I do know is that on this day I went for a bike ride, I was feeling good and the Sun was shining so I was determined to get out and make the most of it. With this in mind I went for a longer rider than last time, taking a route from Eccleshall to Stafford, then along the A34 to Stone, and back to Eccleshall. This forms a nice ‘triangle’ route which I’d estimated at about 15 miles, although now that I am registered on I can share these routes with you and get an accurate mileage too!

It’s really great! I mean, what would I have to write in my Training Diary otherwise?

“…Uh…I went for a bike ride today… It was nice!”

Anyway so here’s the map for this triangle route

Eccleshal - Stafford - Stone Triangle by HatsOff on

Along the way I stopped of briefly at Great Bridgeford…

View from the bridge at Great Bridgeford, looking towards Stafford

The river running under the bridge at Great Bridgeford, Staffordshire, UK

Then further on, half way along the A34 I took this picture at a grand country house near Whitgreave…

Country House near Whitgreave, Staffordshire, UK

However as I was heading back down the hill towards Eccleshall I felt like making the most of the good weather, and since I wasn’t too exhausted just yet I decided to extend my ride, so I diverted down the lane to my right and headed out on the reverse of the “Copmere Country Lanes” route from my last ride.

For those keeping track this is the lane just before the 9 mile marker on the Copmere loop’s map. I continued out along this route until a little past the 7 mile marker and took the left turn, following this all the way back to the B5026 (Loggerheads Road) then took this back in to Eccleshall. I stopped at the old Church to take some more pictures…

Holy Trinity Church, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, UK

Church information engraving, Holy Trinity Church, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, UK

From the Church I rode up Kerry Lane (steep hill!) and then back along in to Eccleshall and the ‘Finish line’….or perhaps it was the Swedish line, I don’t know! 😀 (ahem…sorry)

I hope the pictures make up for the complete lack of anything else much to say when I go for a bike ride to train and get fit! All the time thinking and remembering that this isn’t just for me but is in preparation for The Event.

A Date to Remember…Or not

So…I decided to just carry on with my training ‘diary’ from where I can remember, or rather where I think I can remember when and what I did. Of course this kind of ruins the whole point and concept of this being a Diary, but then I am SO not an organised person so the fact that I am even able to document this to any extent is a minor miracle in itself! …and so, with so much more further ‘ado’ (or something) we find ourselves…here…

First Training Ride!

After the week it took me of off-and-on work on my bike to get it all serviced it was finally ready (or at least ridable) for my FIRST training ride! I had no real plan or idea of what to do, I just wanted to get out and ride so rather than being adventurous or creative I simply went on my ‘usual’ 10 mile local loop.

Copmere Country Lanes by HatsOff on

** Training Update**

Hi folks, sorry for the long time with no updates! I am still training I swear!! In fact I’ve been training quite a bit but I’ve also been so busy lately so I haven’t had time to blog much.

I have a small back-log of training posts to get done and new ones yet to write (as well as other blog posts). I think I’ve even forgotten to note some of my training runs ⁄ rides down so … well I guess you’ll just have to live without those – lol!

Oh so much to do and so little time! I have just had a great weekend Mountain Biking on Cannock Chase though. I completed the FULL red route of both the “Follow the Dog” and “The Monkey” trails (for those familiar with this area), but the report on this will have to wait until I can clear the back-log.

Thank you for your patience, there will be more updates soon … I promise!!

Where’s my Bike?

…And what happened to the weekend’s training rides?!

Okay so this past weekend I was supposed to be doing my first couple of training bike rides, so what happened?

Well that’s a a long story!

So, the short version is that since I STILL haven’t been able to get out on my bike I thought it was about time I did another jog + work out!

It’s basically the same routine from last time but with a slightly different course on the jogging routes…

Warm Up:
* 1/2 mile jog today with some gradients, basically an extended route form last time

Work Out: Focus on Core-Muscles
Same routine…
* Elevated Push-ups (2 x 10 reps)
* Sit-ups (2 x 10 reps)
* V-Ab Crunches (2 x 5 reps)
* Russian Twist with 4Kg weight (2 x 10 reps)

Stretch Out:
* Gentle Yoga stretches for the back, legs and chest

Warm Down:
* 1/8 mile jog – just a quick loop around the block this time.
* Gentle stretches to loosen up the legs

…and of course, as always after a work out…
* Hydrate and Keep warm

Starting Small

Today was my first day of training so I thought it best to start small and build up gradually, nothing too strenuous to begin with. After all I didn’t want to push myself too hard too soon because I need to maintain my motivation and exercising to the point where it is tantamount to physical punishment is not likely to endear me to pursue these endeavours to greater extents, rather quite the opposite I think. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at what I achieved this morning, given that it’s been a couple of months since my gym membership expired and I haven’t really done any real exercise since then!

Okay, so I got up at just a few minutes past 7 this morning (a good start) but I gave in to my early morning hunger and after some all important hydration I ate my breakfast, which I enjoyed with a nice cup of Tea. This meant I had to wait for the food and drink to settle before I could get started so after half an hour, at about quarter to 8, I left the house. Here’s what happened next…

Morning Exercise:

Warm Up:
* 1/4 mile jog with “sprint” finish

Work Out: Focus on Core-Muscles
* Elevated Push-ups (2 x 10 reps)
* Sit-ups (2 x 10 reps)
* V-Ab Crunches (2 x 5 reps)
* Russian Twist with 4Kg weight (2 x 10 reps)

Stretch Out:
* Gentle Yoga stretches for the back, legs and chest

Work Out: Focus on Cardio
* 1/4 mile jog – Double Hill route

Warm Down:
* Gentle stretches to loosen up the legs and chest muscles, then walking up an down.
* Hydrate and Keep warm