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British Heart Foundation | Get Involved - Off Road Cycling Challenges

British Heart Foundation’s Peak District Mountain Bike Challenge

Hello folks! Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, and even longer since any poetry or whatever spewed forth from my keyboard, but I thought I would keep you updated with things…

So here we go, time for another Charity Cycling Challenge!!

I know that you’re all itching to sponsor me, but you’ll just have to be patient whilst I get my donations page set up. [I will post a link back here soon!].

Again I will post regular updates of my “no pain – no gian” training [lol], only this time I’m using an Android App called MapMyRide so it should be much easier for me to just post links to my latest work out’s rather than trying to type up something “interesting”! 😀

I have completed a few routes using this app already so these will be uploaded first.

Best wishes to all o’ ya 😉
Stay fit and stay healthy!!

– TS