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.: Some love for Shudders :.

That lustful, beckoning call
That easy trip and fall
Rushing forward to meet the eternal river
Arms outstretched ready to embrace it with love
Fall upwards my dear
And as you hit the surface
You break through in to clear, bright, clean air
Your feet landing softly on warm, green grass
By the riverside of a beautiful meadow
The sunshine bright and strong but not over-bearing
In the distance the sound of children laughing, playing
And you know
That you could just lay down
Right hear in the sunny meadow
And doze for hours
In total, peaceful comfort.
No thoughts or worries to realize
Just that inner happiness that feels
Like every cell in your body
Is hugging
Every other cell in your body.
Turn even bad thoughts in to love
And float
Soul with body
Above it all
And breathe deep
Breath easy
Be free

.: A thought on Flowers by the Sea? :.

Your words are nourishment
As are the water and sunlight to the flower
The picture equally so
Raises hopes
Although we consume beauty
We do not devour
We treasure this
As a gift
With thanks
As you give off

.: A thought on “My First Rejection :.

Re: Publishers Requirements and Rejected Submissions
– Publishers (typically) will NOT accept any material that has been previously published, even if only on a blog!

A helpful warning to those who don’t know.
I had been told by another writer that this was so.
Though I do not agree with the validity of this claim,
Which to me smacks of greed without shame.
The written word is a free and noble steed
To be shared far and wide for all people to read.
For the information which those words might contain
No ‘one man’ may poses or seek to lay claim
Intangible truths or thoughts and ideas
To blog these is best and share with our peers!

.: A thought about “The Mirror Man” :.

You are inspiration,
With wisdom and insight seeping down through your fingertips with every keystroke.
Were you to write with paper and pen
Each pen stroke would be a tiny cut in the fabric of reality,
The ink the blood these would bleed,
Through which we can see
Fleeting glimpses
Of the truth of everything that resides within us,
Beneath us,
And invisible around us all.

.: A response to “Is he a friend or a foe?” :.


The battle is never over,
It is the fear that keeps us down,
But with the good Lords mercy to guide us,
With his light inside us, revives us,
To cherish all beauty,
And alleviate cruelty,
We move forwards in the new strength we’ve found.

– Blessing be upon you, with light and joyous sunshine