Jack Daniel's Live Tour stencil promo (2)

Image by Smeerch via Flickr

This site is my virtual bottle of Jack Daniels…

…my 11pm beer garden – a place for me to pour out all the random thoughts and feelings that accumulate in and around me with the progression of time. Pen and paper was great, for a while, but it never felt like it achieved what I intended to by writing things down. With only myself to read them back to it became a pointless exercise that only added to the burden of a fragile mind. By keeping everything around me all of the time instead of things being forgotten and lost as they sink in to my past. I was on a treadmill in the corner of some darkened room, surrounded by dust and musty boxes of aging paper, fear seeping through the cracks in the plaster and water dripping down the walls. I eventually stopped running to find that I’d blocked up the windows and barricaded the door. Well no more…

This blog is in a way my long over due mental yard sale, it is a place for contemplation and expression as much as for venting my frustrations. Some of which may be through poetry or prose, some may be articles or discussions. I may document my actions and inevitable repercussions, or simply build impressions with images and photos.

To be honest that last paragraph came out more rhythmic than I’d intended, but I have a song in my head that’s almost willing me to end with rhymes (a close call on that one). Anyway, as it is I shall see ‘how deep this rabbit hole goes’, but I shall also try to keep a sense of organisation – perhaps separating the poetic and lyrical from any plain English articles or commentaries I may choose to make. I also hope that people will find something of value or interest in at least some of the things which I will write, and indeed perhaps I may spark some interesting debates. I do hope that there will be something for everyone to take away from this site, just so long as it’s not my copyright!

Thank you to all, and enjoy…

  1. D’ya know Mr Stark, You have bundles of talent and even from this introduction I can see a bright future for you. Keep the fingers tapping and the song in the back of your mind singing!

  2. I am enjoying your mental yard sale.

  3. This blog is in a way my long over due mental yard sale…. love it..

    just landed here and really like your blog.. 🙂
    will defo be back…

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