Let the Training Commence

Posted: 24 Apr 2013 in Nightrider London 2013
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So now that I am registered for the event, I have received my charity fund-raising pack and my Virgin Money Giving page is off the mark it’s time for me to get fit! Which I’m hoping by definition will also mean getting healthy.

Although given my love of tea and biscuits this may not be entirely the case, at least in terms of diet! Yet I challenge anyone to find a cyclist who, after a lengthy ride, would turn down the offer of a hot cup of Tea and a choccy Hob-Nob!

The event pack I got through from the charity Mind has a “suggested training plan” of 16 weeks, which would cover the 3 months leading up to the event. Unfortunately I don’t have 3 months, in fact I only have about 6 weeks so I’m going to have to step it up a notch, improvise my own schedule and train hard!

A slightly daunting undertaking I’ll admit, yet one that I am defiant to remain optimistic about, and this effort for training started in earnest Today!


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