Posted: 17 Apr 2013 in Nightrider London 2013, Poetry
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Rise, Fall
Rise, Fall
Heels Down
On the Ball
Legs Pumping
Up and Down
Pedals Going
Round and Round
Joints and Muscles
Working Together
Do not Care
About the Weather
In Morning Air
They Start to Steam
On this Hybrid
Human Machine
Now 5 Miles Out
They Start to Sing
Sitting On This
Wonderous Thing
With Pure Intention
2 Wheeled Invention
Out From Home
Then Back Again
Thinking Only
Of the Gain
Then Trying to Walk
On Legs of Jelly
Soaked in Sweat
And Slightly Smelly
Hot Shower and Soap
With Rest to Follow
The Same Again
Or More

© 2013 Christopher Leaper

I wrote this poem in support of my participation in this years London Nightrider event which I am doing on behalf of the UK charity Mind (a charity for Mental Health).

If you enjoyed this poem then please consider leaving a small donation to help me raise as much money as possible in support of this good cause.

Every single donation earns me one entry into a prize draw each month (throughout May to August) with a chance of winning a £500 prize donation from Virgin. There is an unlimited number of entries possible so EVERY donation helps, even just £1!

** Be sure to remember to “Gift Aid” any donations if you are a UK tax payer, to help make every donation go further!! **

You can also keep up to date with all of my efforts in support and preparation for this event right here on my blog!


  1. Becky says:

    Really makes me want to get out on the bike. hits the riding rhythm spot on!

  2. daniedaleah says:

    so motivating! and mind refreshing

  3. Libby says:

    Wonderful. Love it!

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