Breaking the Cycle of Depression

Posted: 8 Apr 2013 in Nightrider London 2013
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I have recently registered to take part in a sponsored cycling event for charity.

~ links & more information “Coming Soon!” ~

The Event is a 100 km cycle challenge around the streets of London…   …AT NIGHT!!

The Charity I will be supporting is Mind the mental health charity.

The Bike I will be using is an old steel framed mountain bike that has been passed down through my family, from my brother to my sister and then on to me. It’s half my age and still going strong!

Unfortunately the years have not always been so kind to it and it could do with a little TLC before the event, so a good service is in order I think! It will also need some additions to get it fixed up to be more suitable for road riding as it is currently still running on ‘knobbly’ off-road tyres!

Details on my bikes progress from tired and long suffering off-road thrill machine in to a more sedate and comfortable road-tourer / cruiser will be described in on-going blog posts on the run up to the event.

The Training will take place on the rural roads and leafy lanes around and about my home-town area in Staffordshire, UK. I already have a 10 mile variable route that I can do riding out from my doorstep, but I think I’ll need to stretch this somewhat further if I am to prepare my self fully for the grueling duty of punishment that the 100 km (approx. 62 miles!) is going to be.

I will also keeping you up to date with with posts on my training troubles and fitness foibles as I rush to get fit enough in time for the event, which is on the 8th of June! So, expect (perhaps) plenty of irreverent and probably largely uninformative posts on miscellaneous cycling related topics such as: sore bums, chapped fingers, bad knees and profanity directed at the blatant disregard (most) motorists appear to give to other road users – especially those with out engines!

With kindness as always,
and this time with a request for your support please
whether it be sponsorship, donations or simply words of encouragement or topical humor I will gladly accept all

Yours honorably

Tony (not my real name) Stark

If you would like to support my participation in this event in aid of   Mind, the Mental Health Charity   then please visit   my Virgin Money Giving page   to sponsor me or donate whatever you can.
Thank you!

  1. Daleah says:

    For the record: YOU really did it! IΒ΄m so proud of you. What a great thing for charity, for you, for life! πŸ™‚

  2. Daleah says:

    GOOD LUCK for you TONIGHT!

    ItΒ΄s such an amazing thing and I love to support this!

    Rock it “Tony”, you can do this! YAY! *motivation ON*

  3. Hello, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award! I hope you’ll accept this award as I enjoy reading your blog. The guidelines for the award are here.


  4. I shall sponsor you indeed Mr Stark as long as it’s not for another suit of Iron! (Unless it’s for me of course) πŸ˜‰
    Good luck with it and be safe on the streets of old London town.
    It’s a worthy cause indeed.

    • Tony Stark says:

      (Okay I think perhaps I leave the German practice aside for this one ;))
      Thank you very much that’s extremely kind and generous of you!
      …I didn’t know how to say it before (in der Deutsche) for the other comment, but you are an incredibly talented poet/writer and, it has to be said, pretty prolific too!
      I mean half the time it seems like 25% or more of my “WP Reader” is you, but I enjoy reading your work so no complaints here! πŸ˜‰

  5. Chatty Owl says:

    Well, Mr Mysterious Christopher, it’s nice to see you’re back on WP a bit more often with your updates. It’s surprising how Mr Google has no contact details of you. Being very private? πŸ˜‰

  6. julespaige says:

    Hubby had an old Swinn… Stolen. I really admire your reaching, stretching and giving.
    We have several friends in the states with differently abled family members, but in the end we really all have different abilities.

    We have a young friend who is recovering from almost death – and occasional gets depressed because she can not see how far in such a short time she actually has progressed. Normal what is normal? Normal changes with every waking minute.

    Occasionally our family still attempts to donate to her medical needs. It is not practical or possible realy to donate outside of the country. And the next time I make a donation to her account, though she will not know you at all, I shall do so in your honor –

    Continues success ‘Tony’.

    • Tony Stark says:

      Wow thank you very much that’s really very kind! I’m sorry to hear about the old bike being stolen, but it is good to hear that you support your family in such a kind and charitable way.

      The healing process can take a long time for sure and it can often seem like an unconquerable mountain, but I find that it’s the little things that help us the most. When we take our time to notice these we do not focus so much on the big hill in the distance, and we notice that each and every step takes us a little further towards our goal(s). By building ourselves up like this we can overcome anything. I also think that it is important to mentally schedule in time for reflecting back on our efforts to appreciate them and the progress we make, and also to reward ourselves in small ways regularly for our little victories, this helps to keep our motivation up!

      I wish you and your family and friends all the very best, good luck, good health, strength and happiness and thank you kindly for the time and kindness you have given both to me and others.

  7. Angie says:

    What a great event and charity!! and at night too, wish I lived on the same continent :D, I would love to do this! I’m going to check around and see if there is anything like this in Ontario….Congratulations and good luck!

    • Tony Stark says:

      Hey thanks very much, yeah it sounds cool right?!
      Let me know if you find anything over in Canada though, I’ve always wanted to visit and this would be a perfect excuse! πŸ˜€

  8. Libby says:

    Have put a link on my page on Fb. Will also share on my blog. Best of luck.

  9. What a wonderful thing to do. Good luck my friend!

  10. Good Luck bud, it won’t be as bad as you think, 10-20 miles per day inc hills for practice and you’ll breeze it πŸ™‚
    if i’m training for a personal adventure then would also ‘sprint’ on the bike, from the doorstep for maybe 3-5 miles to practice being knackered πŸ™‚
    Good Luck again πŸ™‚

    • Tony Stark says:

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚
      I really like the sprint training idea, it’d be good for me to vary my training in this way. Although I have done a couple of smaller charity cycle events when I was a bit younger (and a bit lot fitter) this is the first time I’m attempting something on this scale! So thank you so much for this handy tip too!!
      Your support is greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚

      • no worries, i’ve never had the foresight to cycle for charity but have done a few 40m days with friends and a camping holiday, cycled from bedford to felixtowe n back with a friend, each direction took two days with Bergens and tents n fishing rods πŸ™‚
        not sure if i could do it now, 4 years later πŸ™‚
        Best of Luck and Fun buddy πŸ™‚

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