The Throes of Publishing Woes

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 in Redressing the Balance
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.: A thought on “My First Rejection :.

Re: Publishers Requirements and Rejected Submissions
– Publishers (typically) will NOT accept any material that has been previously published, even if only on a blog!

A helpful warning to those who don’t know.
I had been told by another writer that this was so.
Though I do not agree with the validity of this claim,
Which to me smacks of greed without shame.
The written word is a free and noble steed
To be shared far and wide for all people to read.
For the information which those words might contain
No ‘one man’ may poses or seek to lay claim
Intangible truths or thoughts and ideas
To blog these is best and share with our peers!

  1. if it’s true, i never knew it, maybe i should ask the publishing company that keeps harassing me 🙂

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