of Symapthy and Spite

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 in Poetry
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So used to darkness
And numbness you’ve become
That light actually scares
And angers
Your throng

Whilst you feed on it

And Greedily
With a hunger that never

Is mocked
And aggressively
Stamped out

And any feeling
Such as Happiness
Love or Compassion
Causes you pain

Through guilt
And with hateful resentment
You swear
That it is your mission
To eradicate these
From your World

To bring it
Only darkness
In the darkness
You never have to see

To see you
In the eyes of others

You seek to disguise
The abomination
You have become
So that through blindness
You may become

Believing this
Will bring you peace
And from life’s great burden

When life gave you a challenge
You decided
The hill was too steep
And so
Rather than rising
You let yourself
In to the deep


But you are not me
My brother
Staring back

I chide you not
But embrace
Arms encircling you until

I hide not
From the knives
You seek to bury
In my back

But look you
In the face
And Smile

I will be strong
And resist your pull
Stand tall

My hand
Is here to guide you
When you fall

And whilst your rage and anger
Blows winds in circles
Gushing round
I sit
In the center

That when you subside
And open your Eye
I will be there

Join me in the center
In the glorious Sunshine
And be at peace


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