Where Lines Are Drawn

Posted: 22 Mar 2013 in Poetry
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Just over there
A line
A circle
A band
Represents a universally accepted concept
Governs it
Encompassing everything
You and I
Willing or otherwise
This object is the master
The ruler by which we all must measure our lives
The simplest of principals
Which the greatest minds have ever contemplated
And still do
Looking for answers
Unravelling cosmic mysteries
Yet these hungers still ultimately go unsatisfied
As this item refuses to give up all of it’s secrets
And the answers for which we crave
For this
A line
We live and die
It is the only thing which we all desire
Yet we can never buy
A thing which is endless
And yet something which for all of us
Eventually runs out
A symbol to aspire to
A universal equality
A line
Arguably mankind’s single greatest invention
Yet it has been
And always will be
Not created
Nor destroyed
Intangible to the point of being almost ineffable
And at the end of the day
It is the most precious thing we can ever possess
Worth more to us than money
It can be treated as a currency
But spend it wisely
With loved ones
Or in the pursuit of Happiness
And here at Greenwich
Where it reaches it’s zenith
I sit
Looking out through this rain flecked window
In to the night
Wasting mine

One word
Four letters
If you haven’t got it yet
Then I will give you some now to consider

Answers in the comments below please for a bit of fun 🙂

  1. Our time is to be cherished and expressed through charitable acts but so many spend the time unwillingly under the dictatorship of the clock.

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