Posted: 15 Mar 2013 in Poetry
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Your inverted love is like a vacuum
Sucking out all good feelings
Replacing them with void
And making them null

I was depressed, I was hopeless
And obviously this went on for too long
Because now, despite my change
You still refuse to see me

You only see what you’re used to
And to you I’m just the same
Your heart frozen
Your eyes glazed over

Should I leave you, fossil?
A relic in my past
Should I leave you to be buried
Under my ever shifting sands?
For I am not an Archaeologist
And I shall not dig you up


Were I to try to thaw you out
It would only take a single doubt
For you to slip back
Behind the icy glass
As if some exhibit
On display for all to see

You trade your life for this waxwork
Is it to be Art or to be artificial?
So you do not have to feel

But I should warn you
That it is this that isn’t real

Whilst the whole world passes you by
You lie dormant in your head
Refusing to breathe and/or live

Bereaved and grieving
In your endless tide of emotion
That only flows and never ebbs
You resigned yourself to feel nothing
And so you play at being dead.


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