Two Ships

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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Sand dunes shift,
Continents drift,
Through life’s fogs

And many mists
Two ships
Pass in the night

Points of reference lost
Distances not crossed
Lose meaning

Perceptive sense of self
And seeming

Fortunes and favoured feelings
Delicately picked
Words of healing

Abandoned hope
A stroke

Of light
So fleeting
Warmest greeting

And depends
On the extent

To which we extend
Our faith
And Grace

Not quite,
So out of place
Yet quiet

Without a trace
Our footsteps
Fall in each others

Are we
Travelling forwards
Or backwards

Uncertain factors
Our questioning hearts

Will this be the end
Or simply
The start

  1. the beginning reminds me of one i’ve yet to show, i like the cadence especially.

    • So…okay I had to goolge “cadence” (lol), to paraphrase >> “The rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words, as of poetry or oratory”…
      Thank you kindly! I enjoyed making this poem with a sort of broken and dis-jointed words, in structure, that somehow seem to flow in rhythm more naturally than their appearance would suggest.
      I shall look forward to reading yours!

  2. I like the way you mix the vagaries of life ending with possibilities.

  3. justgs says:

    I really like this string of haiku’s .. excellent!

    • Thank you very much 🙂
      I’m never quite sure what constitutes a ‘Haiku’, the classic (westernised) 5-7-5 pattern seems rather rigid and perhaps misses the point of the original eastern form.
      Either way it was not my (conscious) intent to write this as Haiku’s, although I am pleased with the result!

      • justgs says:

        yes perhaps I have muddled up the intent of those who wrote the original definition of a haiku .. I adopted the 17 or less syllables in 3 lines to stay true to my grade 5 teacher’s acronym lesson k.i.s.s. –> keep it simple stupid .. I too have looked in to the subject and only one thing is for certain no one can agree on the subject. Experts i tell ya lol anyways what ever the form I enjoyed it very much! Look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

      • KISS is a solid principal for life I think!
        And I totally agree with you on the whole western ‘Haiku’ conundrum, you’ve got a good approach to working with this form from your description.
        5-7-5 Who cares?
        We’re poets, so we can get away with using a little ‘poetic license’ 😉

      • i stick with the 575, i thought the point was to be rigid?
        yours is a brilliant poem anyway.

  4. deanabo says:

    This is terrific writing!

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