Posted: 22 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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As vision strains itself
To stretch out across
The ever present plains
Of infinite time
We look in to the night sky
Merely a blink
Distances unimaginable
Don’t even think
But conscience
And consciousness
Feel ambivalence
To expand ourselves
In to the void
Is to shrink
At the grandest scale of things
We become nothing

Heaven, Hell, Karma
Peace on Earth,
Over inflated egos
Or desolate self-worth
To plot these
On the scale of Everything
With everything we’ve learnt
We cannot justify
The thickness of the line
It would take to draw
A single tiny dot
On the graph
We seek to map
Understanding sufficient
To achieve this
We have not

  1. Brilliant. reminds me of some great music.

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Very thought-provoking.

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