Left Holding the Pin

Posted: 18 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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I have no beauty left inside me.
What is there that could possibly attract you to me?
I’m so desperate to feel connected to you
Tearing chunks off of myself
I offer them up as gifts
Wrapped delicately in my energy
Bows tied around
Each one made from one of my heart strings
You cross the street to walk past me
No matter where I stand
The tide flows around me
But dares not touch
My gifts become a desperate burden
I offer them to all and sundry
But to one and all
They’re left untouched
I throw them like hand grenades
People run and cower in fear
My twisted love
Exploding in jagged shards around them
The war torn landscape of my heart
Now out in the open
A woman screams
As another detonation catches her in the face
My troubled innocence horrified
To see life go to such waste
My desperate fear
Becomes a disease
I bury the now painful packages deep
At roadsides and outside coffee shops
Like forced love I.E.D.s
How much damage have I caused?
How many casualties?
With uncontrolled feelings
Bursting out in high-stress pressure waves
My pleasure fades
And I am left holding the pin
Corpses and rubble strewn in the street
Is this a curse I’m doomed to repeat?
Or will you save me?
By just accepting my love for you
You do not have to reciprocate
I will test my own patience
I am good
I can wait

  1. Certainly could have been spoken by Van Gogh with his gift of ear to prostitute and reveals anguish of his likely torments.

  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Way too bloody good. Makes me jealous and inspired at the same time.

    • Wow thanks! Your kind words are like candy to me ears, and they have a very sweet tooth 😉

      To be honest this one was a bit weird for me, usually I write my poems out on scraps of paper as and when the mood or inspiration strikes then type them up later with little to no editing or alteration. However with this one I knew I wanted to edit it, but as I did something funny happened and all of this new stuff just sort of typed itself and it ended up completely changing the feel of the whole poem, hopefully for the better.

      Either way I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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