Responsibly Happy

Posted: 16 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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It’s your responsibility to make yourself happy!
That’s not just for you but for everybody.

If you rely on others,
You’ll be so easily let down
And if you’re not strong enough
You’ll be pulling them down,
And if this goes on for long enough
Perhaps you’ll both drown.

But if you make yourself happy,
To support yourself,
You’ll be relieving that burden
From everyone else.

And if once you’ve started,
You can do a bit more,
Then you can help others
Who fall on the floor.

But just allow your demeanour to rub off on them,
Don’t try to lift their burdens off of them.

Whilst this good intention
May seem noble at first
It’s just teaching them weakness
For their time on this Earth.

What then would happen
In their times of need
If you weren’t around
Ad they were close to defeat?

But teach them their own happiness
And they’ll have strength unbound,
Abound, and always around,
For themselves and for others,
For friends and for lovers,
So that we may help each other
And never fall down.



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