The Truth is I Tried

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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You knew when we met
That I must live upstairs
Coming down then just to look around

But there, half way on the landing
We almost bumped in to each other.
We stopped and we stared at each other dumbstruck.

“He must be strong”
You must have thought,
Or at least enough to try your luck.

Hesitantly yet simultaneously
We moved to kiss each other
And in doing so you carefully slipped
Your rope around my waist.

Then, pausing only to savour
The remains of each others breath as our own
You looked deep in to my eyes and let go

Falling backwards over the bannister
You were in free fall, I was in horror,
Before the rope pulled taut and I lurched forward.

Steadying myself, and recovering from the shock,
I grabbed the rope and dutifully reeled you in, unknowing.
(This was some sort of test!)

Recovered now safely on the landing,
You thanked me, Somehow dismissively
And I found my mind still reeling…

As we returned to our separate abodes,
I was too lost in my own thoughts to even see,
Which way did you go?

“How curious” I thought,
So the next time the rope pulled taut
I repeated the action.

This time though I was pulling up more,
And when I saw you you did nothing more…

Than to assure me that this was correct,
And if I could just hold the line
(You said handing me another rope)
You’d be back in a sec.

Well it took more than a second, or even a minute,
And I lost track of how many times this was repeated.

Before long I found that it was getting harder
For me to climb back up those stairs everyday

Ropes now around my waist and my chest,
Both arms and both legs
And one around my neck
(Which I only realised later that I’d put there myself)

Eventually I could barely manage to reach my front door
I’d sleep just inside on the floor,
Trying to find comfort in the words you’d once said to me,
That this was “correct” and was “how it was meant to be”.

However one day curiosity go the better of me.
I climbed back down to the landing and looked over the balcony…

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
You were just dangling there like a plum bob!
Swinging gently to and fro…

Along with dozens of other people
On ropes and in tow,
Some of whom I have to say
I didn’t even know!

Now please forgive me for thinking of you as lazy,
But you were just “hanging around” (literally)
You were pulling me down!

I thought that you were trying to climb
And make your way up to me
But it seems instead
That you were expecting a ‘free ride’…

Not just for you, but for your family,
And everyone I thought I knew,
As a friend, was there on a rope.
It had all been a joke!

Nothing and no-one there cared for me,
You all just wanted an easy ride
“Why work for ourselves when we’ve got Mr. Gullible living upstairs?”.

Some of you it seems
were even sitting in chairs!

…Tied on, with ropes under-slung.
Just put your feet up and read the paper,
Because you’d got yourselves a free elevator.

But I know different,
I know life is hard work,
(And I don’t mean the daily grind of 9 to 5)

So for years I accepted it…
My lesson’s now learnt!

But as I sank in to depression,
With all the struggle and strife,
Life sent me a saviour,
She was armed with a knife…

But even after cutting all of those ropes
There’s still so much to do

I’m working hard now to get my strength back
So I can stay rid of you!

  1. VictorK says:

    “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.” (c) Albert Schweitzer love quotes

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