Your Love is a Vice

Posted: 9 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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She Clings to me.

I’ll feel the pain in my chest
As my soul writhes and twists,
Struggling to free myself.

Crushing my soul with her grip.
Fear choking me in her darkest pit.

She buries me,
With a love that has mutated in to hate,
To keep me safe.

“No one will ever take you from me”,
The petty jealousy,
“Not if you’re dead!”

“You’re mine,
I’ll keep you to myself,
In my own special place.”

The depths within my head.
That’s where I’ll keep you.”

“That’s where I’ll lay you to rest,
My babe,
So blessed.”

“You must die!”

“Only then will you truly be,
Only ever to truly be,

“For all eternity.”


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