Posted: 8 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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There is a darkness inside me,
That doesn’t belong,
As though someone has stood
Between me and my Sun.

Wherever I move they follow
Leaving me standing
In their shadow
Cold and hollow.

Who are you that climbs
Inside of my mind?
Who bears me such ill-will,
Hatred and unkind?

You laugh as I struggle
To free myself from your grip.
You taunt me,
Floating on the surface of my consciousness
Like an oil slick.

You try to play me like a fiddle,
To exhaust my will to fight,
Circling closer
You try to take a bite.

Like a vampire to my soul,
Or so you’d have me believe,
You control people with fear,
But you’re just a disease.

You’re like a leech on my heart,
Where the love ran out for you years ago,
Still you cling to me like your fears,
Unable or unwilling to let go.

You think I’m a sheep
And all weak of will,
You praise yourself as a Wolf
Stalking with sinister skill.

But you’re just a parasite,
A tick!
I’ll give you a flick
And off you’ll pop.

All swollen and bloated
From you long, deep drink,
Yet somehow still
Hungry and empty.

But your happiness is a burden
That’s not mine to bear,
So instead of burying your head
Try breathing-in air
Try living for happiness
Instead of despair!

Try making your own life
Instead of living off others
In the bed of your mind
It’s time to pull back the covers.


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