My Greatest Fear is Your Lie

Posted: 7 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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Source: nakedpastor

You taught me to fear,
Told me that I’d never Win.
You spun all of the cobwebs
That trap me within.

But why try to keep me
From the world that’s outside?
What is it you could possibly
Be trying to hide?

And what sort of parents
Do that to their own kid?
But if you’re not my parents,
Then I don’t know who is.

Am I even a person to you?
Do you even care?
You should have filled me with hope
Instead of despair.

Why did you raise me,
So hopeless and so weak,
And fill me with spiders
Every time that I sleep?

Is it because you hate me?
Or is it just for control?
Are you jealous and resentful?
How can I absolve?

None of this is true of course,
But it’s still how I feel.
My childhood was amazing,
But now it doesn’t seem real.

We all wear our masks,
Relationships strained at best,
I can’t help but keep thinking
This is all part of a test.

I know I’m not normal
So raising me can’t have been easy,
And in many different ways
You were just trying to please me,

But happy or not
I’m still damaged underneath.
All I want is the truth
So that I can find peace.


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