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Posted: 28 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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Choose carefully
Retain meaning
Learn value



Posted: 27 Feb 2013 in Haiku
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The Sun gives it’s light
To witness the flowers grow
And the people smile

As the Sun doth shine
We too all shine our light back


Posted: 24 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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I need you so much that it scares me
And I must learn to shut the fear out
Lock the doors
And keep in the warmth
To stand a hope
A chance
To be with you

So long has it been for me
With so many bad habits learnt
In my time without you
Yet I know now
I have always loved you
Before we’d even met
Before I ever knew you

You are the part of me
I did not know was missing
But have always felt the absence of
I would hope to bathe you in Sunshine
Though my winter born body
Not warm enough
For my dreams

To make such a leap
Many would say is foolish
I think this perhaps
Holds us both back
The desire to let go is intense
But with which hand
Doubts halt my ability to decide

One is so light and gentle
Can this really hold with sufficient strength
The other dark and heavy
It’s grip refuses vehemently to relent
I hang arms stretched wide
Tearing at my seems
And I realise

You love me too!


Really I just wanted to say A BIG THANK YOU to every one who has read, reads or commented on my poems!
Every ‘like’, every ‘follow’, every view is appreciated and I hope that you all find something to enjoy in my writing. ❤

(I had written a longer spiel of thanks which I think now is too long winded and unnecessary. However if you wish to read it just click the "Read more…" link below!)


Two Ships

Posted: 23 Feb 2013 in Poetry
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Sand dunes shift,
Continents drift,
Through life’s fogs

And many mists
Two ships
Pass in the night

Points of reference lost
Distances not crossed
Lose meaning

Perceptive sense of self
And seeming

Fortunes and favoured feelings
Delicately picked
Words of healing

Abandoned hope
A stroke

Of light
So fleeting
Warmest greeting

And depends
On the extent

To which we extend
Our faith
And Grace

Not quite,
So out of place
Yet quiet

Without a trace
Our footsteps
Fall in each others

Are we
Travelling forwards
Or backwards

Uncertain factors
Our questioning hearts

Will this be the end
Or simply
The start