The Proverbial Carrot

Posted: 28 Jan 2013 in Poetry
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For a bit of fun why not try reading this in a “scouse” / Liverpudlian accent, but if you don’t know what one sounds like then just ignore that suggestion and read it anyway 😀

My faith has often worried me…
Does questioning myself make me weak?
When I’m looked upon by others
They may often call me “freak”.

But if I only question others
Does that make me hypocritical?
And if I spend too long on introspection
Then things all get a bit ‘metaphysical’.

So I subscribe to no religions,
Religious texts or spiritual leaders,
Because I think a lot of them are like Governments
And they’re just trying to deceive us.

That’s not a comment on their teachings,
Or the wisely words that guide them.
It just means that I don’t trust the people
And organisations that run them.

They cloud our minds and make our hearts shout
Until we can’t hear our brains
To prevent us from seeing
That they’re all basically the same.

Now whether Jesus was a prophet
Or the Son of God or not,
That’s not the reason why he came here,
But it seems like that’s been long forgot.

And a lot of the tenets that they speak of,
when they preach from up on high
Are basically just moral principals
That we should all aspire to live our lives by.

So the next time you’re in a religious debate
And you say “let’s just agree to disagree”
What you’re probably actually saying is
“let’s agree that we can’t see…”

“…The truth in what both of us speak
Or the deeper philosophical meanings,
And that we’ve both failed to understand
And live by the principals of our teachings”.

As humans, or perhaps as any creature,
We’re all born with a moral compass.
And it’s through the media and our base desires
That they seek to distract and mislead us.

Education is a farce too,
They’re not trying to make us smarter.
They’re training us to think for ourselves less,
So they can make us all work harder.

We are their labourers and their cash cows
So they just dangle the proverbial carrot
To manipulate us so effortlessly
That to most it’s not apparent.

They fill our heads with selfish greed
And promises for tomorrow,
But since tomorrow never comes
These promises are hollow.

We work our lives away for someone else
Just to die full of regret,
With so many things we meant to do
That we just haven’t done yet.

But I like to believe that in this world
Are mostly ‘good’ or ‘innocent’ people
However many of those that appear they aren’t
Are not necessarily ‘evil’.

They’ve just been brought up in a World
That’s run by those corrupt and greedy,
Who steal from the poor
And turn their backs on the needy.

We all need a helping hand,
Sometimes to pull us through,
But remember that it’s your life you’re living,
So you’re in control of you.

It’s your life so don’t pass the buck,
It’s your life so don’t give up,
It’s your life so what’s stopping you?
All your life decision are up to you!

You’ve got to march to the beat of your own drum
And don’t regret the things you’ve done,
Just try to learn and grow from them
Then put it behind you and move on.

So if you want to take my advice,
And that’s really all that it is,
Just remember whenever you meet someone
That we’re all just trying to live.

So try to help each other, great each other
And keep each other safe.
And if we all just do our little bit
We can make this world a better place.

  1. Libby says:

    Good one son!

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