Post Partum Depression

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 in Poetry
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For a baby it is bath time,
Asleep yet still awake,
His head held underwater
To pay for his mistake.
His world is full of ripples
As the breath leaves his form,
Lying in the bathtub,
“How I wish you were never born”.

Father’s away on business,
Brothers and Sisters are at school,
A desperate cry for attention
That’s heard by nobody at all.
The babe’s good under water,
And he sure can hold his breath,
But his lack of understanding
Is no match for her distress.

But as darkness recedes and panic sets in
She releases her grip.
He floats serene and peaceful,
Closed eyed and blue lipped.
Now her cries turn to sorrow
As she realises what she’s done.
Her mind fills with racing thoughts:
— Could she hide?
— Should she run?

She plucks him from the water
And holds him resting at her waist
As she sits rocking gently
with tears streaming down her face.
“Lord please forgive me” she cries
“I know not what I’ve done”,
A moments silence pause for answer
But there came none.

“Please take away this fear and darkness
And replace it with love and light,
And please give me back my child
So that I might…
Teach him that there is love in this world,
And I will hurt no other.
So I can learn and he can teach me
How to be his mother.”

The answer came, not from above
But somewhere deep within her chest,
For a love that’s without measure
And a soul that’s truly blessed
Just remember always one thing
That you are his mother,
And that the love and warmth from one heart
Can restart another.

.: Epilogue :.

And so it did.

As here I sit now alive and thankful
For the life that you gave me
Several decades have passed
But to you I’m still your baby.
I just wanted you to know
That I never really blamed you
I love you and forgive you,
And for you I’m eternally grateful.

There is one thing that saddens me though
And that’s to see you struggle alone through this hell
You should know I’m always here for you
If you ever needed any help.
You’re so strong, but please don’t be silent
It’s not good for mental health
Becasue the reason I came back was
To see you forgive yourself.


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