Death and Rebirth

Posted: 19 Jan 2013 in Poetry
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I am stalked by my past
Hunted by my sins
Ex-lovers that must have been diseased
Because they plague me.

And as my heart lies in ruins
Like some ancient temple
Overrun by savage barbarians

My psyche builds it up
Into some kind of monument
To my own pathetic tragedies.

A theater in which to torture my soul
As it replays my past mistakes over and over,
Blackening the mind and strengthening the divide.

I’ve been walking on eggshells
And broken glass inside myself
For so long now
That I don’t even notice the cuts,
And the once painful sting
Is now overcome with numb.

Tripping and tracking
Forwards and back again
I still stumble and crawl
As I drag myself out from all of the wreckage and rubble,
As if in the aftermath of some huge explosion.
Time must move slowly here
Because it feels like a lifetime ago.

The dust blankets everything,
Thick and heavy,
But guard your breath and move quickly
And you’ll get through.

There is another side to this
And what may seem huge from the inside
Is actually very small
from the out.

Like a storm in a teacup.
We must learn to grow
And travel far in our lives
To gain some perspective.

Only then can we turn around
And see things clearly from afar,
To scale, and for what they are.

So now, with peace as your guide
And love in your heart
You will be alright,
As to end is to start.


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