Life with Safety Nets

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 in Poetry
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Family on Marizion Beach in Cornwall
Sunlight filling up the cracks,
So much so the clouds roll back.
Waiting as the light increases,
Mist recedes and and darkness ceases.

Remember times of love and laughter,
Feeling Happy Ever After.
Sunshine, fun and sandy beaches,
Ice cream sundaes, cans of peaches.

Swimming, cycling and walks with nature,
Ice cold streams from melting glacier.
Meeting up with friends and family,
For barbecue’s and beer-less shandy.

Ocean views with amazing sunsets,
Star lit dreams, Life with safety nets.

  1. Libby says:

    Our pleasure son, wouldn’t have been the same without you! Thanks for the tribute anyway. Will see if I can find a family photo.

  2. Chris says:

    This poem is a tribute to my parents and an ode to my childhood summers when my family and I would spend a couple of weeks almost every year around the Penzance area of Cornwall (an area I still love to holiday to whenever I can!).

    Thank you for giving me such great memories: the family caravan and later holiday home, going to the beaches and learning to surf, visiting relatives and seeing the sights. As well as taking the time to explore more of the countryside and the less familiar tourist sites that this beautiful part of of the country has to offer, digging in to the folk-lore and visiting examples of some of the earliest settlements in England as well as the numerous monoliths, standing stones and stone circles dotted around the West Country.

    They are my happiest and fondest memories, which of course include my brother Adam and sister Becky so kindest thanks to them too. Even though we have all grown up (at least physically) and we don’t get to see as much of each other as we’d like my journey through life has made me truly appreciate the childhood we had and the times we spent together as a family. These memories are also some of my most peaceful and heart warming, and I treasure them more and more every day!

    Thank you

    ( I should also note that alas the photo is not one of my family, but it was I felt very fitting, with the young family sitting on the beach at Marizion, St Michael’s Mount in the background, to me a symbol of Cornwall and the Cornish family summer! )

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