Garden of Evil

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 in Poetry
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The Urban Jungle
The Forest of Dreams has a computer chip in it,
A tiny little black dot,
A blot on the landscape.
A reality prison
Where they keep our minds hostage,
Our thoughts cease
As they feed our mind on dreams,
We’re too deaf too even hear our own screams.
We exist, neither awake or asleep
But alive just enough
To believe the lie,
As in our minds eye,
Whilst our souls pay the ultimate price,
They steer our thoughts,
As they try to drive us out
Of our own heads,
So they can leave us for dead.
The illusion they paint,
Just to keep our insolence at bay
We can’t escape,
We’re all hooked on their technology,
Drip fed on the media syringe
They sink their hooks in
As it drains all of our lives away.
We live all helpless and belligerent
In a state of crystal ignorance,
Sitting subjugated and meek,
Unable to move or speak,
Just hoping for a saviour
To come and set us free!

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks to Godspeed70 on Flickr for letting me use the beautiful photo I included with this post!

    Original link here:

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