a.k.a The Flip Side of the Coin
Through the Looking Glass
Our Souls plucked like Oyster from the Sea bed,
We’re not allowed to float,
Through the Looking Glass we go,
No joke,
Our bodies left for the dead.
Hollow, cold, empty shells,
Not shadows of our former selves,
But black and heartless and hungry,
Full of Sin.
Beady eyes looking in,
Words, whispers, lost thoughts,
An endless sea of black,
A fog so silent and deafening,
mutes everything and blinds us all.
Our minds left stumbling haplessly, aimlessly
Through the Dark,
Through the Door,
The wrong way,
Lead astray by echoes of the damned
And those that went before,
Embodying disembodiment,
Yet an ever relentless presence
Come to steal us away from ourselves,
as Toys.
On pieces of string we are dragged along,
A marionette playing against the backdrop of nothingness.
Disabled, we bob gently up and down in the emptiness,
Just off the bottom,
Drifting in all the ebbs and eddies,
Vacant and unknowing,
Ready for the curtain call.
The strings pull us taught and twist,
The Invisible Sadist,
We bend to his wish,
And with a flick of his wrist
he leads us in a gay parade,
A pageant of the Bizarre,
The Danse Macabre.
Somber and sinister,
We play out every sick and violent little fantasy
his twisted mind is made of.
Helpless victims to his boredom’s,
He frustrates over how easy it is,
And it turns him darker still.
How pitiless,
How worthless they all are,
Look at them.
Why don’t they fight back?
Why don’t they stop me?
Too scared now to even look at me.
See how weak their will to even think,
Embracing mindlessness,
Worthless, apathetic hoard of Zombies.
You wont even speak.
You just stand there drooling and festering,
Feasting on your own rotting carcasses.
Cannibalistic masses,
Wake up!
Take control!
Think and speak for yourselves,
Before I reap each and every one of you,
And drag your Souls to HELL!!

  1. […] Jules looked up his blog at https://hatsofftotheinsane.wordpress.com and on reading his ‘Ode to Alice’ was inspired to write ‘Lost and Found’ in which she referred to yellow boots. This […]

  2. JulesPaige says:

    As a fan of Alice I was lured in… I wonder though if I am on a string or if perhaps I am the master of my own fate… I would like to think at least my reflection has some valid purpose. As my Chesire cat smile fades into nothingness…

  3. hahaha that’s a crazy idea.. my niece is sleeping .. once she wakes up .. i will read it out to her and see what she thinks.. as i think an audience will be better lol .. you are mad!! 😛

  4. Chris says:

    FYI: For a bit of fun you can try reading it aloud in an ‘Emperor from Star Wars’ style voice. lol

  5. i got goosebumps reading this.. is it your own writing?

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