A Force To Be Reckoned With

Posted: 22 May 2011 in Poetry
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Lorry storming through the Woods,

 Must go faster! Must go faster!

Looking for our Childhoods.

 Driving faster! Driving faster!

Children are so full of light,

 No redemption! No redemption!

Must be brought the dead of night.

 Do we question? Do we quoestion?

See the baby in the carriage?

 Thoughts are empty! Thoughts are empty!

Hit him with your lorry barrage

 Heart is heavy! Heart is heavy!

Collision now to bring the dark,

 Blind confusion! Blind confusion!

Extinguishing this bright life spark.

 Shadow mission! Shadow mission!

A heart of love with pure intention,

 Fate is changing! Fate is changing!

“Please breath in this life salvation!”

 In detention! In detention!

So much blood with head all caved in,

 Fear and hatred! Fear and hatred!

Hold on strong and keep on fighting!

Mission Failed!


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