Posted: 15 Jan 2011 in Poetry
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Human Cocoon

The final solution in full effect
Suppressed within our intellects
The puppeteers pull their string
And make us do inhumane things

The words ring out fall on deaf ears
To secretly control our fears
We see and hear their every command
Obeyed as if our minds were blank

Why do we hate the light so much?
Because it shows up the darkest parts of us
So we kill the lights and make pretend
That we did not cause our World to end

The spiders that now crawl us all
As we fight for our very souls
The reason why our Gods shed tears
They’ve been ignored for all these years

So thee darkness roared and Nazi’s came
And built a World ending War Machine
Swift to corrupt, our leaders fell
And took us with them straight to Hell

So long it’s been now we’ve given up
But I still believe that there’s an up
We must free ourselves from this electronic web
A Gravemind of the Walking Dead

The War that rages on unseen
Our minds internal computer screen
Program’s corrupted by viral code
We can’t control what our minds download

A modern day metaphor for sin
That society is perpetuating
To free ourselves we must stop hate
And fill our hearts with love and light


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