Rain on the Wings of Liberty

Posted: 7 Jan 2011 in Poetry
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Before The Rain,The Birds! - by Lucian Olteanu (Romania)

It rain’s on the wings of Liberty
As free speech rattles it’s chains
and strains it’s strange reality,
Running a charity cup along the prison bars of insanity.

Our blood seeps through the soil,
Down to the deep red.
Food left uneaten,
Children starved and women beaten,
The third plain remains unfed
and graves make up our beds
So we lie in them.

The Lion’s still alive and untamed!
But we’re ashamed to look him in the eyes,
So the reign remains unchanged,
The stains on our thoughts and minds are still fresh
And the oil that clings to our wings blackens us.
Tar grips us and holds us immobile.
We’ve turned the World in to our prison cell.


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