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All My Love

Posted: 24 Jan 2011 in Poetry
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Steamy Heart

I winced once when I thought I was alone,
But the sparkle in your eyes winked back at me,
To let me know,
The truth,
As I bathed in the warm glow
Radiating from your smile,
This heavenly Earth Child,
Is she mine to hold?
To cherish for ever and above no other.
In truth,
She worships me,
And I must fight and work
Harder than anything
To be worthy of her love,
Her heart,
The start of my redemption
And my final resting place,
May we age peacefully
And with grace.

A Triple Haiku

stormy Beach

Tossed and ragged sheets
Temperature controlled by feet
I wrestle my thoughts

Quiet unseen dream war
Mind weathers the storm before
A calm, tranquil dawn

Washed up on minds shore
This peaceful haven of mine
Yawn, stretch, Coffee time!

A Double Haiku

The faceless masses

I hear the whispers
Like chattering birds they speak
Keep me from my sleep

Awake I remain
Though retired for the night
I am sleepless again

Not a Morning Person

Posted: 16 Jan 2011 in Haiku
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Sleep softly my love
My volcano lies dormant
Dawn brings the thunder

Human Cocoon

The final solution in full effect
Suppressed within our intellects
The puppeteers pull their string
And make us do inhumane things

The words ring out fall on deaf ears
To secretly control our fears
We see and hear their every command
Obeyed as if our minds were blank

Why do we hate the light so much?
Because it shows up the darkest parts of us
So we kill the lights and make pretend
That we did not cause our World to end

The spiders that now crawl us all
As we fight for our very souls
The reason why our Gods shed tears
They’ve been ignored for all these years