UK (United Kriminals) / USA (Usurpers of Soil in Afghanistan)

Posted: 21 Dec 2010 in Lyrics, Poetry
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UK / USA Flag

The destruction of our World by our continued dependence on fossil fuels
Is perpetrated by Governments run behind the scenes
By multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations,
And perpetuated by people to lazy to change,
Of which we are all to blame,
And the cost of our in-actions will ultimately lead to our extinction,
And it will be bought and paid for with the souls of our youth.

Idle hands click through channels of prescribed News
Where patriotic media views show us how
The Global War descends on to the next oil rich state
Terror engine working at full capacity to drive endless fear in to the masses
A massive mess of distressed hearts bleed for vampire capitalists
Wearing fangs of greed they hang the noose, and take land hand over fist,
The Fog of War shrouds the innocent’s blood.

Our so called Democracy is a mockery
Where consensus average makes views distorted
And the knee jerk re-actions carried out are so often out of proportion
Does the low voter turn outs not show the peoples lack of faith?
These dictators have all proven this governments disgrace;
To turn it’s nose up on it’s people when they stood up and said no to War
If not for us it’s people then just who do our leaders serve?

They say that Politics is a game, Well the fix is definitely on.
Provoking people through the media on the run up to the election.
With Speeches going out to the masses,
Who are treated as thought they can’t think for themselves.
They’ve turned us all in to consumers, making it easier to sell
Their ideals and beliefs to emote you to their agenda.
Assaulting you with lies until the truth surrenders.

They talk through smiles but all they want from you is an ‘X’ by their name,
An indication of your submission to give your chips up,
Promising that if it all goes wrong you’ll have someone to blame.
But the blame resides with you because your pen elected them to lead,
And with your pen as their sword they’ll bring the World to its knees.
Shepherding their flock to sell its thick warm coats, they fleece us of our rights.
We don’t realise until the cold sets in that free will comes at a price.

While the public Wealthcare system stacks the odds up for the elite,
The lowly down-trodden don’t get their cahnce to speak.
And education is failing us now we’re all products of their human industry,
Taught only how to pass the their test so that they can prove statistically
Which institution can best make us jump through hoops
They dress us up in to unit social groups,
Developing an “individual’s decision free” society.

What happens when the global cash cow of the poor, cheap labour force, runs dry?
Neglected and plagued with disease, they control the vaccine
We’re kept unclean, so long as the gears of the machine keep turning,
With the genes they fear burning the future’s clear for their decent,
Raped rear’s reared for years to breed dissent, and hatred for our fellow man.
That’s the seed they sow as the ideals of true belief, love and kindness die out,
The plan goes out the window.

So here I am, still here sowing my seed of discontent,
For my wasted time and mis-spent youth.
A truth or two I may have learnt, short lived, and flushed away the morning after.
Still some dark shadowy warning of the future seems to linger.
A bitter taste, hard to swallow, points a finger
At the hollow lives we build in this lie built fabrication.
In reality this reality and everything in it, you wont believe
Is just a figmation of our twisted souls imaginations.

  1. Chris says:

    I wrote this after hearing Enter Shikari for the first time. They make fantastic music that is a very creative blend of styles. Politically and socially motivated their songs are both provocative and inspirational!

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