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The destruction of our World by our continued dependence on fossil fuels
Is perpetrated by Governments run behind the scenes
By multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporations,
And perpetuated by people to lazy to change,
Of which we are all to blame,
And the cost of our in-actions will ultimately lead to our extinction,
And it will be bought and paid for with the souls of our youth.

Idle hands click through channels of prescribed News
Where patriotic media views show us how
The Global War descends on to the next oil rich state
Terror engine working at full capacity to drive endless fear in to the masses
A massive mess of distressed hearts bleed for vampire capitalists
Wearing fangs of greed they hang the noose, and take land hand over fist,
The Fog of War shrouds the innocent’s blood.




Posted: 10 Dec 2010 in Haiku
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Snowy Winter

December, The Year
Turns cold, Snowy winds drive us
Back towards Summer.

A Poke at People

Posted: 8 Dec 2010 in Poetry
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I Hate People [by Lela Lee]

I’m fucking tired of people,
It’s a statement of a fact, because
They’re always after something
but they don’t give something back.

I fucking hate the people
Who pretend to be my friends
They plot and scheme behind my back
And never make amends.

I respect all of the people
Who try to live healthy, wholesome lives.
Who quietly defeat evil
And keep a secret light inside.

But I’m sick of all the people
Who just couldn’t care one bit.
They’re content to send the World to Hell
And rape each others shit.

I’m tired of fucking people,
Where one half try to suck me dry
And the other half just fuck my ass,
I think I’d rather die!

The Veteran #2

Posted: 6 Dec 2010 in Poetry
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USA's victims of the Iraq War

I didn’t fight for Freedom
To live in Slavery!
We’ve lost but not forgotten
Those men of true Bravery.

I look around now and wonder
Why do we fight these Wars today?
The Shepherd it seems has sold his Soul
And led our flock astray.

Don’t blame now our brave Soldiers
Who still die on foreign shores,
Blame the Governments that sent them there
In this cruel and unjust War.

As the Rich reach out for more money
The poor bleed for their Black Gold
Families bereaved for their Loved Ones
Honour now the Brave and the Bold