The Long-Lost Lottery Winner

Posted: 26 Nov 2010 in Poetry
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A drawing of Earl J Hickey (from My Name is Earl) - by Dave Crosland

A quiz,
A question,
A posie put by,
I wrote in a letter,
But got no reply.

The judge,
The Jury,
The quiz-master tried
To inform me promptly
That I’d won a prize.

But devious,
And desperate,
My family lied,
And claimed my prize for me
By saying I’d died

No money,
My family
All frittered away.
I live now alone
And out of the way.

No wife
And no children.
In my bedroom I sit,
Pen in my hand,
Paper in bits.

And positive,
An image must be.
Just think of a future
And then let it be.

And calmness,
Or just the eye of the storm?
Forwards and backwards,
A swirling maelstrom.

With a height,
And a width,
And a depth in 3D,
Brilliance in Sunshine,
The World inside me.


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