(Speak Up) Before It’s Too Late

Posted: 19 Nov 2010 in Poetry
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I open my eyes to see
Technology enslave the masses,
Trapping us inside
Our idle fantasies.

“Disengage thought,
Stop chasing the light,
Sit in the darkness,
It’ll be alright.”

Says the deepest, darkest
Voice in your head.
If you give up at living,
You’re already dead!

It’s not of religious faith
Or belief for which I speak,
Just faith and belief in ourselves
That I seek.

The petty human in-fighting
That keeps us apart,
Perpetuated by fear mongers
To keep us in the dark.

Those that possess power
To control our lives,
Is it power we’ve given
For our own piece of mind.

But sooner or later
We must stand up and be counted,
For bad things happen
When good people do nothing.

If we choose not to act
We’re still making a choice.
We’re still choosing the side
That treat’s people as toys.

If we choose not to act
We are choosing enslavement,
Then one day we’ll look up
And wonder where our Sun went.

As we feel only the drag
Of the passing of time,
All emotions stripped out
Leaving nothing inside.

All of our comfort and love
And happiness gone,
Replaced by computer
Neural stimulation.

This simulation
Has gone too far and so wrong,
If we can’t stop it now…



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